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Something New

Written by Farezza Athalia.R
ET 11 student
“Let’s go fishing! I hope that I get a big fish” Rooney hoped.
“Ya! If we get a big fish we can eat satisfied and sleep soundly with mommy and daddy” Alex said
When they walked to the river through the forrest they met a bird relate to a small branch, “look at the bird! We must help that bird” Rooney says “ ya! of course” after they helped the bird, they continued to go to river.
Finally they arrived at the river, and started fishing, they waited long enough but the fish still didn’t appear. But in a little while the sun would set, because Rooney couldn’t wait, he jumped to the river
“ Hey! What are you doing? “
“ I just try to get some fish “ explained Rooney
Because the fish still did not appear, they played in the river, chase, splashed each other, et cetera. They played happily until finally they were aware that the sun already set
“look! The sun already sets!“ Alex screamed .
“Are you sure? Oh my God! I don’t know the way to return home if the sun sets because it’s very dark“ told Rooney.
“Me too.. so how can we go home?” Alex said.

Because they don’t know how to return home they screamed very loud “HELP US!! ANYONE THERE?PLEASE HELP HELP!” but no ones heard. They just under the tree hoped someone came and helped they. Suddenly, the bird which Roney and Alex helped came
“look!! It’s a bird which we helped right, isn’t ?” Alex ensured.
“Hi!! Yeah I’m the bird which you helped. My name is Blue” said the bird
“What? to us?” Rooney said stammered
“NO!! It’s a dream right? How can a bird talk? Kick me! It’s impossible” Alex mumbled “AWW!! YOU KICK ME?!
“Yeah.. now you believe right? Haha” Roney said happily because it’s a chance to kick his brother.
“Where do you come from?” asked Blue
“We are from village near that mountain” said Roney while pointing the mountain
“Oh I see..”
“Can you help us? Please..” Alex entreated.
“Mmm.. I can’t help you now, because it’s already dark , but I can help you tomorrow morning” said Blue.
“Okay, but where can we sleep tonight? I’m very tired” said Roney
“Oh you can sleep in the shack 100 meters form here” said Blue

Finally they arrived at the shack, the shack was already uninhabited since two month ago the mattress already weathered, there was a table in the corner, the wall was already cracked, the floor form the old wood and already cracked. Blue left Roney and Alex, he went to his nest and promise would be back to deliver Roney and Alex go to their house

At 4am, Roney woke up because he had a bad dream and he could’t continue to sleep, so he walked around the shack, not deliberate he found a small door behind the table, because Roney was very curious, so he pushed the table and opened the door
“Hei Alex, look!! I find something” Roney screamed
“Argh.. I’m very sleepy “
“Oohh c’mon!”
“Okay.....” Alex wake up with the eyes and a half open “What do you find? Hoamm”
“Look this is a door ! let’s open”
Roney and Alex opened the door ‘NGIIK..’ they walked into the room, “There is nothing here..” Alex said “Wait, may be we can find something here” ‘CRAAK’ “WOAAAAAA...!!!!” They fell into the whole.
“AAWW!!! You press my foot!!” Alex screamed
“Sorry, where are we??”
“I don’t know but this place is very beautiful “ Alex amazed
“ Ya! Look at the beautiful mountain and the pure river “
“Now let’s go around this place!!!!” invited Alex.

They got through the flowers park, splashed each other in the river and finally saw sunrise at the edge of the lake. When they went back passing the forrest, suddenly ‘KRSK..KRSK’

“Did you hear it?” ask Alex
“Ha? What?”
“Listen, behind the bushes” told Alex ‘KRSK..Krsk’
“Ya! I heard it. WHO IS THERE? ANYONE THERE?” Roney asked loudly but no one answered, so he walked toward the bushes, and then someone turned up form the bushes
“Did you fall from the small room at the shack? Asked him.
“Ya! Who are you? Did you fall form the shack too? asked Rooney.
“I’m Jack. before I found this place I lived at the shack, but it’s been two months I have lived here because this place is very quiet and beautiful, and I call this place ‘The Peace Land’ ” cleared Jack
“oohhh I see, can you show us the way to go back to the shack?” Alex entreated
“Follow me”
Jack showed Roney and Alex the place when they fell, when they arrived jack whirl sunflower and then the door opened and there was the rope hang
“Now you can go back to the shack” said Jack.
“Thank you Jack, can we go here again?” Alex entreated
“Of course anytime” said Jack.
“Ooh thank you Jack.. bye “ said Rooney.

Alex and Roney were back to the shack and then they went home accompanied by Blue the bird. Now Roney and Alex often play to the shack and they find so many beautiful things there.
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