Friday, May 20, 2016

What makes the sky full of blue?

         What makes the sky blue? Does someone just drop blue paint in the sky? Why is it not red, orange, or green? Then why only blue?

         To answer this question. Let me tell you a story. The sun is a birthplace of much colorful light. This group of light, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet and the other, tries to make away to the earth. The light flies through the atmosphere, then fills over the sky, where there are lots of very tiny dusk particles. These tiny little friends, particles, encounter the light in the sky. This group of light asks the tiny particles “Could you give us a hand we need to reach the earth?” “We can’t.” the particle replies,” but our little brothers, the tiniest particles maybe can help”. Then the tiniest ones say “well, in fact we can, but we cannot help you all” a minute later  the tiniest are thinking then decides “Since the blue have the same size of wavelength as ours, you all, blue, come.” Then the blue light jump from one the tiniest back to another. the blue light go to many directions and are scattered everywhere Finally, the blue light manages to reach the earth. And the blue is happily ever after.
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