Are you on autopilot or self driving?

        Do you always set off your day with the same “ritual”? Do you ever wonder how you engage yourself  to go through the whole day or the whole week , for instance, after getting up, going to the bathroom for shower, then putting on the clothes, after that having a big breakfast, reading morning newspaper and having a hot cup of coffee, then going to the office. Or maybe, do you go to office by taking the same route? Let’s say taking the same street, passing through the same traffic light, or even making the same turn. Every single day passes like another day. Today is “grey”. Likewise, tomorrow is “grey. Different days bring about with constant activity- with the same direction. In plain English, doing this and doing that over and over without being parts of it to a certain extent resembles serving ourselves on “autopilot”

“Autopilot is a system used to control the track of a vehicle without constant 'hands-on' control by a human operator being required.” – Wikipedia.

        In this context, I relate “autopilot” to our behavior as well as physical or mental activities, the way how we control every parts of our body and mind. Intentionally or not, we tend to “control the track” of our activity physically without really getting into it. In the same way, as if we drove a car with both two hands on steer and two feet on pedals, our mind wasn’t actually there.

        Many people are on their highly full alertness when they start doing a new thing for the first time. They do it consciously for every step. On the next attempt, their consciousness slow but sure diminishes in such a way . This is continuously carried out from time to time . In turn, the repetition results in a series of the same pattern, habitual routine. Once they get the hang of it, they have a feeling of security, then they stay that way. They eventually enjoy being part of it.

       “Welcome, have a nice shopping!” says one of the shop keepers in a 24-hour convenience store as he greets some buyers. I, you and probably the other, notice that the greeting is nothing more than sincerity. Autopilot in connection with speaking, people are likely to use invariable patterns on saying greeting, asking question, responding, or even addressing others, no matter how fancy the words are, still they are using the same choice of words. Furthermore, it could occur by the time they are listening to others. They tend to respond with the same diction and gestures. When on autopilot, the body language, as well as gesture ,might exhibit the same pattern such as head movement, eyes contact, hand motion and so on.

         When it comes to carrying out some routine activities, autopilot shapes in such a way that people perform from one activity to another constantly and perpetually. Taking a shower, for example, we tend to start with the same step; first, brushing teeth, then washing up hair with shampoo, then followed by showering the whole parts of the body, and eventually picking up the towel. In particular way, we move the tooth brush, starting from the upper side, then going to the lower side and going backward or forward. All these show how autopilot works and affects our daily lives. The key word here is that we perform those activities but we, our mind, don’t actually control them.

          Maybe the reasons why people with autopilot mode are at ease with this circumstance, it is simply because when someone does constant routine, he walks on in comfort zone. His brain stays in a regular function-serving the brain into Delta range - the brain wave signal of the subconscious. In other words, they don’t need to push themselves or  think harder. than usual.

         Just imagine what would happen to the people who serve on autopilot. In career field, perhaps getting the job done comes first instead of getting into it. For example, a teacher concerns on his teaching only without seeing whether his students understand or not, or a worker concerns on his completing jobs only instead of trying to contribute more on his work, or a governor concerns on his popularity rather than his responsibility to his people, a doctor concerns more on his paycheck than on his patients' health. Consequently, I believe you know what it is going to ensue to the students, to the company of the worker, to the governor’s people or to the patients. In addition, for your thought only, you can also tell what will happen to the people who perform their religious ceremony with autopilot mode.

        To make long story short, autopilot deliberately or not, might run in our blood. It is a part of us. With or without autopilot, it indeed tells us as humans from as robots.

Getting to know about Indonesia

Many people out there probably don’t know about Indonesia. They don’t even know where it is located. It is quite bizarre to know that not many people have knowledge of Indonesia. In fact, Indonesia has lots of things to offer.  How about you? Do you know anything about Indonesia?

Don’t you know that with 240 million people, Indonesia is the fourth most populated nation in the world, just behind China India, and the United Stated. Not to mention, Indonesia is the world’s largest country included solely of islands. It is constituted of 17,508 islands, some 6,000 of which are inhabited. More than 700 native languages are spoken in Indonesia. Amazingly, Indonesian people can communicate with one language, that is, Indonesian, locally known as Bahasa Indonesia.

When it comes to culture, most Indonesian people easily smile to other people though it is the first time for them to meet you.  You will impress them a lot if you are able to communicate with their local language such Javanese, Bataknese, Sundanese and others, not Bahasa.  As a result, you get assistance, discount, free souvenirs and so on. When you are in trouble, they will sincerely help you even though you don’t ask for it. Once again When in Indonesia, you feel like it is your home.

Many people in Indonesia, especially the Javanese, love to address your name as a sign of politeness when they meet you somewhere on the street or other places. In addition, they often ask the same question like “where are you going, sir?”. It doesn’t mean that they want to know your personal business, but it is rather a way for them to welcome and to respect you. It is recommended that you don’t have to answer them in details for example you answer “I need to go to the book store to get some books, map, and so. And then I…” Simply say “I am going to go to book store” or just “I am going to go for lunch” 

The last thing to offer, of course not, is If you drive along the street, surely you will be amazed to encounter so many trees on both sides of the street. You will experience the beauty of “green nature” as you explore many places in Indonesia. Not to mention, you can also find many traditional handicrafts, dances and attires in 34 provinces.  Do you want to know more? Why don’t you come and pay a visit Indonesia and find out by yourself?

What makes the sky full of blue?

         What makes the sky blue? Does someone just drop blue paint in the sky? Why is it not red, orange, or green? Then why only blue?

         To answer this question. Let me tell you a story. The sun is a birthplace of much colorful light. This group of light, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet and the other, tries to make away to the earth. The light flies through the atmosphere, then fills over the sky, where there are lots of very tiny dusk particles. These tiny little friends, particles, encounter the light in the sky. This group of light asks the tiny particles “Could you give us a hand we need to reach the earth?” “We can’t.” the particle replies,” but our little brothers, the tiniest particles maybe can help”. Then the tiniest ones say “well, in fact we can, but we cannot help you all” a minute later  the tiniest are thinking then decides “Since the blue have the same size of wavelength as ours, you all, blue, come.” Then the blue light jump from one the tiniest back to another. the blue light go to many directions and are scattered everywhere Finally, the blue light manages to reach the earth. And the blue is happily ever after.