Not Just About Television (part 1)

“Dad, please, don’t bring the TV. I can’t spend my days without watching TV,” I desperately begged. But he didn’t say any single word. His right hand grasped the cable connecting the TV to the outlet while the other gently touched the top of TV, therefore it wouldn’t fall down.

Then carefully he put it on the floor. I sat down on the floor although there were five bamboo chairs around. My face was covered by my both hands, but I could still see through among my fingers.

Daddy picked up an undersized cartoon from garage, I would rather not call it garage, it was just the room where we kept piles of used staffs. In a little while he was already with the TV and the cartoon. I was really in the dark what my dad was going to do with our TV, but I knew for certain I was going to lose it for good.

Not about a Television 1 -

I sluggishly walked up to my dad and tried to win our TV back. “I am begging, you, dad. Please! please! Don’t take this TV away from us,” I cried gently.

Unintentionally, my tears welled up covering my cheek. I wiped it right away, so my dad didn’t notice what had just happened or at least he didn’t get angry at me.

He in fact couldn’t stand seeing a crying boy. He once told me that crying was a weakness, especially for a boy, though, to me, crying is normal for an 11-year boy like me. He once was very angry at me when I got incident of falling down from my bicycle, I scratched my both knees. I was unbearably in pain, so I cried out loud like a baby. Since then, I never cried again.

All of sudden, a very loud knocking of the front door stopped my dad from what he was doing. It was a middle aged man with a very thick mustache stood stiffly as my dad slowly opened the door. He didn’t say a word, or even looked at my dad. Instead that strange man looked around inside the house seeming like searching something. A second later, I thought that man would take our TV. So It was impossible for me to defend our TV. “Oh boy! I don’t want to lose my TV. Not this time. Not again. Never again.” I said to myself.

My mind brought me just about a decade earlier when my daddy went bankrupt since his tile factory couldn’t produce any. I didn’t know why since I was in kindergarten, not big enough to understand what was going on. In order to survive, my dad had to lay off some employees and spent much money to pay debt. Besides that he had to sell our house and everything on it. We lost pride and fortune. We left everything there, our house, my school, my toys, and my friends, as well as our sweet memory there.

Although we had lived long enough in Surabaya, the capital city of East Java, since I was born there, it didn’t stop my daddy to leave the city, where every sweetest moment we had was there. In desperate time, my family and I flew to Kalimantan, exactly in the southern part of Kalimantan. It was a small city, where you can find river anywhere. My pleasing story began here. A new page, a very brand new chapter, was about to start. I didn’t know what the next chapter had in store for me.

It was on Sutoyo S. Street, where My dad rented a very small and cheap house without electricity. Actually it was not exactly on that Street, our house was within 20-minute walk from highway. Our house was fairly far from convenience. It had two bed rooms, the small one for my big sister and the bigger one for my dad and my mom, while my two younger brothers and two younger sisters had to share either with my parents or my big sister. I preferred to sleep on the floor since the two beds were not big enough for all of us. And the last was we had one tiny kitchen while the bathroom was next to it. All the materials of the house were made of woods. The doors, the windows, the wall and the floor were made of wood even the foundation and roofs were also made of wood. It was called “Ulin” wood, the strongest wood ever- strong enough to bend some steel nails.

Every single day would not be the same as we were in Surabaya. My dad did not have a job yet. It was not easy anyway to get a job, at least for my dad, whose father used to be actually a successful businessman in logging company before he finally passed away a couple years ahead. My daddy used to have everything he wanted, but then it was nothing. I felt grateful though we did not have a lot of fortune, but we still had a wonderful house which covered us from the sun and the rain. Every night we lighted up some oil lamps in every room, so we didn’t sleep in the dark. And the next day all of us woke up with black smudge inside our noses. It was not the best, but it was enough for all of us.

Like the other days after school in the afternoon around 4 pm, when I was in Surabaya, I used to watch my favorite cartoon on TV, even I watched TV till very late every night, but this time was different. It would never be the same again, not any more. We did not have TV, besides there was no electricity at home. I was thinking how I could possibly watch it.

Then I remembered my neighbor next three houses to mine had a TV because every time I passed through that house I could hear the loud noise of TV. Probably my neighbor could allow me to watch it there. Then because of not having enough courage to pay a visit my neighbor and knocked the door and said” Could I watch TV here? Never crossed in my mind. So, I decided to watch it in secret. The house had no fences and there was large wooden floor in front of it. And the TV was in the front living room. The door was usually closed. Slowly and gently I laid myself on the dirty floor seeing through under the door. Through that tiny space under the door, I could watch my favorite cartoon though I could barely hear the sound, but I was so happy. It had been a week I watched my favorite cartoon and I never missed a single day without watching TV. 

That day as soon as I went back from school, I remembered that it was the last episode of my favorite cartoon. I could not wait myself to watch it. So, I ran as fast as I could, then I hopped on the left, then on the right, then right. A minute I finally managed to come to that house.

As usual, I tried to lay on the floor and watched through the tiny space under the door. My eyes were searching every corner in that living room, but It was nothing. I didn’t see any TVs. “Where is it? Where is my TV?" I thought. Then suddenly creaking sound of the opening door shocked me to death. “Oh God! It was my neighbor.” I ran and I ran and I didn’t stop. And I didn’t look back. It was the last time I watched my neighbor’s TV.

“Langit! Don’t you ever go to aunt Linda's house and watch TV there, again?”, shouted my big sister, Rina. “But why?” I asked curiously. “You just can’t. Do you hear me, Langit?” another warning words from my big sister.

Tobe continued…

First Love

Written by Naadira
ET 11 Student
The sun at all times showed up and smiled in the east. Some trees blocked the light but the beauty of its light flashed through some leaves. It made a beautiful day to anyone who started the day doing routines. That also included a young girl with long hair and a beautiful face and reflect her intelligence. She was in a hurry to reach her school. “oh gee, hopefully I can make it” said her.

When she reached her school, she immediately went up to the announcement board. She even pushed Chanyeol away. “Hey… Choi Nara. Why are you pushing me?” said Chanyeol angrily, “I’m sorry. I’m just too excited to see the test result. I’m really sorry Chanyeol !” answered Nara. Then Nara looked at the result, “What?! I ranked first?! I never ranked first before. Oh… Thank God!” she thought. “Wow, Nara congratulations on your first. You beat my score...ha...ha…” said Chanyeol. “Now, where is that boy name?” she thought while scanning the paper. “What ?? he ranked fifth?? That Byun Baekhyun ranked fifth. ha… now we know who is smarter between the two of us !!” she thought while grinning.

Then Nara suddenly realized that she didn’t see Baekhyun. Then she looked at the crowd around her, then she spotted Baekhyun standing in a blank stare in front of the announcement board. Nara decided to get near him. She shook Baekhyun, and when he realized he quickly ran away from her. She followed him then when she found him sitting on one of the stairs, he looked really pale, when she got near him, “Go away…” Baekhyun shouted. “What has happened Baekhyun?? Are you really that sad because you rank fifth??” Nara said “I told you Nara GO AWAY!!! Are you deaf?? Let me alone!” Baekhyun shouted. Then Baekhyun left her and got away but this time Nara didn’t follow him. And for the rest of the day she didn’t see Baekhyun. “Is he really that stressed because he ranked the fifth??” Nara thought.

The next day at school, Nara didn’t see Baekhyun. She wondered where Baekhyun was “Is he absent?” He didn’t show up. This matter really bothered her.
Time passed, it was almost a week that Baekhyun had been absent. He didn’t show his face anymore -the face that she didn’t want to bear in mind. Nara became curious why Baekhyun was absent.

The sound of bell suddenly woke up Baekhyun. It’s break time, Nara was taking her books for the next lesson in her locker, then she heard Taeyeon one of Baekhyun fangirls asked “Where is Baekhyun? How can he be absent for a week?? Oh… I wish I knew where Baekhyun lived then I would visit him but I didn’t know where his house was so…” “Tsk...You think Baekhyun likes you, don’t you, Taeyeon?” she whispered herself but unfortunately Taeyeon heard it “Excuse me…? What did you say? You are happy aren’t you? That Baekhyun didn’t attended school?” Taeyeon said angrily and almost slapping Nara, but stopped because Irene Nara’s friend came and purposely pour her orange juice into Taeyeon shirt. “Oh…Sorry, how clumsy i am?” Irene said to Taeyeon. Taeyeon just keep mumbling some words then leave them. “You’re okay?” Irene asked Nara, “Yes, I’m fine and thank you” Nara answered. “Nara, do you know what happened to Baekhyun?” Irene asked “I don’t know, I think I’m going to visit him, I got curious why did he absent for a full week?” Nara answered “You know where he lives? How?” Irine said in a shocked expression “I went to his house when working for our project when we were still in Junior High School. Don’t tell anybody about this” Nara said.

After school, Nara decided to take the bus to Baekhyun house. She stopped 3 stops away from Baekhyun house. She then walked to Baekhyun’s house, when she reached Baekhyun’s house.

The house was huge. It was surrounded by a very tall fence. Some trees seemed cozy enough…
She immediately knocked on the door. A minute later, she was very surprised to see Baekhyun’s mother because she looked very young. Someone could just have misunderstood her as Baekhyun’s sister. “Hello…I’m Nara, is Baekhyun home?” Nara said politely, “Yes, he is. But, who are you?” Baekhyun’s mother asked. “Are you my son’s girlfriend?” she asked with a playful grin. Nara stood there in a shock. “I’m just kidding” Baekhyun’s mother said while laughing, Nara force a laugh. “Come on in, I’ll call Baekhyun”.

Nara waited at the living room. A second, her eyes observed in every corner. While she was waiting, something caught her attention, a name card on top of the table. “I’m sorry Nara, Baekhyun doesn’t want to go downstairs. Why don’t you just go upstairs?” she asked. “oh…okay I’ll just go upstairs” Nara answered. “His room is the one on the right. Call me if you need anything I’ll be on the backyard” she said then leave. Nara came upstairs she was very amazed with Baekhyun’s house because it was very clean and neat.

Then Nara reached Baekhyun’s room, she knocked on the door and called him but she got no answer so she just opened the door. She was shocked when she saw Baekhyun lying on his bed lifelessly. “Baekhyun…? Are you okay?” Nara asked,
“Go away!!” Baekhyun said,
“What happened? Why you didn’t come to school? What’s wrong?” Nara asked again,
“I said go away Nara! what are you doing here too?” he said.
“I’m trying to help you Baekhyun. What’s wrong?” she answered. “NARA…JUST GO AWAY…!!! LEAVE ME ALONE!!” Baekhyun shouted. “What? Okay I’ll leave, I just want you to know all I want to do is to help you Baekhyun!!” Nara answered while holding her tears.
Then she ran downstairs, before she left, she took the name card on the coffee table. Then she just left the house.

The following day Nara kept coming to Baekhyun house even he didn’t answer any of her question. When she was at her room, suddenly she remembered about the name card, it was a psychiatrist name card. She took it and decided to go to the address that written on the name card. She really wanted to know about Baekhyun. When she arrived there, she immediately met the administration. Not long after that she met the psychiatrist.

When she met the psychiatrist, the psychiatrist asked her “Hi…What’s your name? What can I help you with?” “Hi… My name is Nara, Choi Nara,mmm… Doctor, I come here to ask something about my friend . His name is Baekhyun do you remember him?” Nara answered “Can you tell me what happened to him?” she continued “I’m sorry Ms. Nara but our patient secret is our priority, we can’t tell you anything about him.” The doctor answered.
Then, suddenly a nurse came to the room while panting she said there’s a woman outside looking for the doctor while screaming and crying. The doctor went to meet the woman, because the woman who was looking for him make everyone panic.
When the doctor was outside Nara immediately searching for Baekhyun’s file inside the doctor’s office. After she found Baekhyun’s file she opened it just to find a sound recording tape. She knew that it was illegal to steal, but she just can’t stand looking at lifeless Baekhyun. She missed him being her rival, she missed being in a competition to know who is better between both of them. She missed him so much.
She took a bus to get home. When she reached her house she immediately went to her room and lied down on her bed. She stared at the ceiling as she thought about what she had down earlier. Then she looked at her purse and decided to listen to the tape. She played it, then she heard a little boy voice inside the recording.
“Hello, What’s your name, young boy and how old are you?” said a voice as she thought it must be the doctor’s voice. “Hello, my name Is Byun Baekhyun and I’m 10 years old, It’s nice to meet you doctor’ answered the little boy that is Baekhyun himself. “Oh… Nice to meet you too Baekhyun, you’re such a good boy” the doctor said, Baekhyun smiled then answered “My mother told me to always be a good kid so my father wouldn’t get mad at me and punished me” “Does your father get mad to you a lot?” the doctor asked “he only get mad when I don’t be the best, even after he died, he showed up in my dream and said that’s all my fault. I always have the same nightmare it is about my father.” Said Baekhyun.
“so, is this why Baekhyun being so stressful? because he didn’t do his best? And his past memories?” Nara thought. She kept thinking about Baekhyun all night long. She kept thinking so all this time a cheerful Baekhyun was just some mask he used to cover his dark past? She kept thinking until she fell asleep.
In the morning Nara wake up and got ready to went to her school. After she reached her school not long after that the lessons began, when it was the time for Nara to go home. Suddenly Mr. Minho their math teacher called her. “sir, are you looking for me?” said Nara “oh…yes. Nara I want you to help me to pass this paperwork to Baekhyun and teach him some of the lessons that he has missed!” Mr.Minho said “what?why me?Why don’t you just tell chanyeol to do this sir?” nara asked “Nara…you’re the first in the class of course you can help Baekhyun better than Chanyeol “ Mr.Minho said in a stern voice “Okay sir, I will” Nara said in defeat she knew that Baekhyun is Mr.Minho favorite student of course Mr.Minho wanted the best for Baekhyun.
She walked to Baekhyun house and when she reached his house she knocked on the door, but to her surprise it wasn’t Baekhyun mother who opened the door, but Baekhyun himself. “What do you want Nara? Go away” he said harshly “I’m here because Mr.Minho told me to Baekhyun, He wanted me to pass this paperwork to you and teach you about the lessons you’ve missed, since you’re absent.” Nara answer plainly. “Why don’t he just sent chanyeol here?” Baekhyun asked “I already plead him so he just sent Chanyeol off but he just wouldn’t do it and choose me instead.” Nara answer. “okay come in.” Baekhyun said.
When they started the lesson, Nara felt something weird like someone was staring at her. Then she realized that every time she was explaining the lessons to Baekhyun. Baekhyun just staring at her face. She felt a blush crept on her cheeks. She tried not to blush in front of Baekhyun, because of course it would be really embarrassing if Baekhyun saw her blushing. But she thought it’s too late, Baekhyun already saw her blushing, because he said “Why are you blushing? Ah…. You like me, don’t you? Ahh… I know which girl who doesn’t like me right?”. “w-what? I-I don’t lik-like y-you!!” Nara said stuttering. “Then, why are you stuttering? It’s okay, I like you too” Baekhyun answered calmly. Nara’s eyes widened hearing Baekhyun words, her brain told her that it’s just a prank but her heart kept beating rapidly, she couldn’t control her emotion, all she managed to say was “You’re pranking me aren’t, Baekhyun?”. “No, I’m not pranking you, I’m telling you the truth Nara. I love you.” Nara sat there in a daze listening to Baekhyun confessing to her. Her eyes widen when she felt Baekhyun holding her hand tightly. All she could feel was the butterflies inside her stomach. She couldn’t lie about her feeling to Baekhyun, because this past day all she thought about was only Baekhyun. She couldn’t utter any words from her mouth. all she could do was holding Baekhyun hand. On Baekhyun side he felt really worried because he thought that Nara didn’t like him back, but he smiled when he felt Nara also holding his hand. He hugged Nara and whispered to her ear “I promise I will tell you everything about myself, I promise to take care of you and protect you. I love you Nara.”. “I love you too Baekhyun” Nara said smiling into the hug.

Something New

Written by Farezza Athalia.R
ET 11 student
“Let’s go fishing! I hope that I get a big fish” Rooney hoped.
“Ya! If we get a big fish we can eat satisfied and sleep soundly with mommy and daddy” Alex said
When they walked to the river through the forrest they met a bird relate to a small branch, “look at the bird! We must help that bird” Rooney says “ ya! of course” after they helped the bird, they continued to go to river.
Finally they arrived at the river, and started fishing, they waited long enough but the fish still didn’t appear. But in a little while the sun would set, because Rooney couldn’t wait, he jumped to the river
“ Hey! What are you doing? “
“ I just try to get some fish “ explained Rooney
Because the fish still did not appear, they played in the river, chase, splashed each other, et cetera. They played happily until finally they were aware that the sun already set
“look! The sun already sets!“ Alex screamed .
“Are you sure? Oh my God! I don’t know the way to return home if the sun sets because it’s very dark“ told Rooney.
“Me too.. so how can we go home?” Alex said.

Because they don’t know how to return home they screamed very loud “HELP US!! ANYONE THERE?PLEASE HELP HELP!” but no ones heard. They just under the tree hoped someone came and helped they. Suddenly, the bird which Roney and Alex helped came
“look!! It’s a bird which we helped right, isn’t ?” Alex ensured.
“Hi!! Yeah I’m the bird which you helped. My name is Blue” said the bird
“What? to us?” Rooney said stammered
“NO!! It’s a dream right? How can a bird talk? Kick me! It’s impossible” Alex mumbled “AWW!! YOU KICK ME?!
“Yeah.. now you believe right? Haha” Roney said happily because it’s a chance to kick his brother.
“Where do you come from?” asked Blue
“We are from village near that mountain” said Roney while pointing the mountain
“Oh I see..”
“Can you help us? Please..” Alex entreated.
“Mmm.. I can’t help you now, because it’s already dark , but I can help you tomorrow morning” said Blue.
“Okay, but where can we sleep tonight? I’m very tired” said Roney
“Oh you can sleep in the shack 100 meters form here” said Blue

Finally they arrived at the shack, the shack was already uninhabited since two month ago the mattress already weathered, there was a table in the corner, the wall was already cracked, the floor form the old wood and already cracked. Blue left Roney and Alex, he went to his nest and promise would be back to deliver Roney and Alex go to their house

At 4am, Roney woke up because he had a bad dream and he could’t continue to sleep, so he walked around the shack, not deliberate he found a small door behind the table, because Roney was very curious, so he pushed the table and opened the door
“Hei Alex, look!! I find something” Roney screamed
“Argh.. I’m very sleepy “
“Oohh c’mon!”
“Okay.....” Alex wake up with the eyes and a half open “What do you find? Hoamm”
“Look this is a door ! let’s open”
Roney and Alex opened the door ‘NGIIK..’ they walked into the room, “There is nothing here..” Alex said “Wait, may be we can find something here” ‘CRAAK’ “WOAAAAAA...!!!!” They fell into the whole.
“AAWW!!! You press my foot!!” Alex screamed
“Sorry, where are we??”
“I don’t know but this place is very beautiful “ Alex amazed
“ Ya! Look at the beautiful mountain and the pure river “
“Now let’s go around this place!!!!” invited Alex.

They got through the flowers park, splashed each other in the river and finally saw sunrise at the edge of the lake. When they went back passing the forrest, suddenly ‘KRSK..KRSK’

“Did you hear it?” ask Alex
“Ha? What?”
“Listen, behind the bushes” told Alex ‘KRSK..Krsk’
“Ya! I heard it. WHO IS THERE? ANYONE THERE?” Roney asked loudly but no one answered, so he walked toward the bushes, and then someone turned up form the bushes
“Did you fall from the small room at the shack? Asked him.
“Ya! Who are you? Did you fall form the shack too? asked Rooney.
“I’m Jack. before I found this place I lived at the shack, but it’s been two months I have lived here because this place is very quiet and beautiful, and I call this place ‘The Peace Land’ ” cleared Jack
“oohhh I see, can you show us the way to go back to the shack?” Alex entreated
“Follow me”
Jack showed Roney and Alex the place when they fell, when they arrived jack whirl sunflower and then the door opened and there was the rope hang
“Now you can go back to the shack” said Jack.
“Thank you Jack, can we go here again?” Alex entreated
“Of course anytime” said Jack.
“Ooh thank you Jack.. bye “ said Rooney.

Alex and Roney were back to the shack and then they went home accompanied by Blue the bird. Now Roney and Alex often play to the shack and they find so many beautiful things there.

Do you know "Mudik"?

“Mudik” has a special place in Indonesian people’s heart. Every year the number of “mudik-ers” is increasing significantly though national economy seemingly weakens. It is always fascinating to know and see that this phenomenon again and again occurs yearly. Despite of the fact that the number of “mudik” travelers who get accident grows in a quantity from time to time. However, it does not stop them having a homecoming. Etymologically, “mudik" comes from the word “udik”, which means hometown. The word “mudik” refers to an Indonesian term for the activity where migrants or migrant workers return to their hometown or village during major holidays, especial “lebaran” (Eid Fitri holidays).

Most of migrant workers make a living in some big cities like Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya and other big cities, especially in Java island. They, along with their family or a single fighter, either just stay or have lived there for years. They are originally from different cities, provinces, or even from another island like Kalimantan, Sumatera, Sulawesi and so on.  When lebaran holiday comes, they are ready to face “a big adventure”. Some of them drive their own cars, others get on public transportation such train, plane, ship or bus or other public transportation, while the others ride motorcycles to return their hometown. For them, going for mudik is an obligation under any circumstances.

 Annually more than ten millions of urban people have a homecoming, in order to meet and gather with their old friends, neighbors, or relatives, either their parents, parents-in-law or big family. “Mudik” has always  heart-rending stories to tell. No matter what their social status is; doctors, company employees, managers, house maids, construction laborers, factory workers, pedicab drivers, beggars, people of the city slums. They are willing to go into crowded train stations, harbors and bus terminals to go packing, waiting hours even days queueing in front of a few ticket booths just to get a ticket home. Not to mention, they don’t mind paying extra for the ticket or being stuck in traffic as long as they can have “mudik”. To make it worse, they have to deal with crime such as pickpockets, snatchers or the danger during their long way home.

It is also a common sight to see a big city like Jakarta which is usually found in traffic jam anywhere. It is like moving ten million people from one place to another. Then all of sudden Jakarta appears so quiet, no traffic jam at all. If you are in Jakarta, you can go anywhere freely without having to deal with traffic jam. It is a great moment to enjoy fresh air in Jakarta and go around the city.

Beside a chance to reunite with big family, mudik travelers have many reasons why they will do anything at all cost, just to go back home. Like old people say “no place like home”. There is always a longing to see a birthplace, to feel the atmosphere of hometown, the warmth of old friends’ smiles, to recall the childhood moment and to have a home feeling together with beloved family that you will never find in big cities when you feel strange and alone among other million people.

In short, regardles of the problem, mudik is not having a picnic but it is about a journey which lead you to a victory over you, yourself.  Have a nice journey!

Are you on autopilot or self driving?

        Do you always set off your day with the same “ritual”? Do you ever wonder how you engage yourself  to go through the whole day or the whole week , for instance, after getting up, going to the bathroom for shower, then putting on the clothes, after that having a big breakfast, reading morning newspaper and having a hot cup of coffee, then going to the office. Or maybe, do you go to office by taking the same route? Let’s say taking the same street, passing through the same traffic light, or even making the same turn. Every single day passes like another day. Today is “grey”. Likewise, tomorrow is “grey. Different days bring about with constant activity- with the same direction. In plain English, doing this and doing that over and over without being parts of it to a certain extent resembles serving ourselves on “autopilot”

“Autopilot is a system used to control the track of a vehicle without constant 'hands-on' control by a human operator being required.” – Wikipedia.

        In this context, I relate “autopilot” to our behavior as well as physical or mental activities, the way how we control every parts of our body and mind. Intentionally or not, we tend to “control the track” of our activity physically without really getting into it. In the same way, as if we drove a car with both two hands on steer and two feet on pedals, our mind wasn’t actually there.

        Many people are on their highly full alertness when they start doing a new thing for the first time. They do it consciously for every step. On the next attempt, their consciousness slow but sure diminishes in such a way . This is continuously carried out from time to time . In turn, the repetition results in a series of the same pattern, habitual routine. Once they get the hang of it, they have a feeling of security, then they stay that way. They eventually enjoy being part of it.

       “Welcome, have a nice shopping!” says one of the shop keepers in a 24-hour convenience store as he greets some buyers. I, you and probably the other, notice that the greeting is nothing more than sincerity. Autopilot in connection with speaking, people are likely to use invariable patterns on saying greeting, asking question, responding, or even addressing others, no matter how fancy the words are, still they are using the same choice of words. Furthermore, it could occur by the time they are listening to others. They tend to respond with the same diction and gestures. When on autopilot, the body language, as well as gesture ,might exhibit the same pattern such as head movement, eyes contact, hand motion and so on.

         When it comes to carrying out some routine activities, autopilot shapes in such a way that people perform from one activity to another constantly and perpetually. Taking a shower, for example, we tend to start with the same step; first, brushing teeth, then washing up hair with shampoo, then followed by showering the whole parts of the body, and eventually picking up the towel. In particular way, we move the tooth brush, starting from the upper side, then going to the lower side and going backward or forward. All these show how autopilot works and affects our daily lives. The key word here is that we perform those activities but we, our mind, don’t actually control them.

          Maybe the reasons why people with autopilot mode are at ease with this circumstance, it is simply because when someone does constant routine, he walks on in comfort zone. His brain stays in a regular function-serving the brain into Delta range - the brain wave signal of the subconscious. In other words, they don’t need to push themselves or  think harder. than usual.

         Just imagine what would happen to the people who serve on autopilot. In career field, perhaps getting the job done comes first instead of getting into it. For example, a teacher concerns on his teaching only without seeing whether his students understand or not, or a worker concerns on his completing jobs only instead of trying to contribute more on his work, or a governor concerns on his popularity rather than his responsibility to his people, a doctor concerns more on his paycheck than on his patients' health. Consequently, I believe you know what it is going to ensue to the students, to the company of the worker, to the governor’s people or to the patients. In addition, for your thought only, you can also tell what will happen to the people who perform their religious ceremony with autopilot mode.

        To make long story short, autopilot deliberately or not, might run in our blood. It is a part of us. With or without autopilot, it indeed tells us as humans from as robots.

Getting to know about Indonesia

Many people out there probably don’t know about Indonesia. They don’t even know where it is located. It is quite bizarre to know that not many people have knowledge of Indonesia. In fact, Indonesia has lots of things to offer.  How about you? Do you know anything about Indonesia?

Don’t you know that with 240 million people, Indonesia is the fourth most populated nation in the world, just behind China India, and the United Stated. Not to mention, Indonesia is the world’s largest country included solely of islands. It is constituted of 17,508 islands, some 6,000 of which are inhabited. More than 700 native languages are spoken in Indonesia. Amazingly, Indonesian people can communicate with one language, that is, Indonesian, locally known as Bahasa Indonesia.

When it comes to culture, most Indonesian people easily smile to other people though it is the first time for them to meet you.  You will impress them a lot if you are able to communicate with their local language such Javanese, Bataknese, Sundanese and others, not Bahasa.  As a result, you get assistance, discount, free souvenirs and so on. When you are in trouble, they will sincerely help you even though you don’t ask for it. Once again When in Indonesia, you feel like it is your home.

Many people in Indonesia, especially the Javanese, love to address your name as a sign of politeness when they meet you somewhere on the street or other places. In addition, they often ask the same question like “where are you going, sir?”. It doesn’t mean that they want to know your personal business, but it is rather a way for them to welcome and to respect you. It is recommended that you don’t have to answer them in details for example you answer “I need to go to the book store to get some books, map, and so. And then I…” Simply say “I am going to go to book store” or just “I am going to go for lunch” 

The last thing to offer, of course not, is If you drive along the street, surely you will be amazed to encounter so many trees on both sides of the street. You will experience the beauty of “green nature” as you explore many places in Indonesia. Not to mention, you can also find many traditional handicrafts, dances and attires in 34 provinces.  Do you want to know more? Why don’t you come and pay a visit Indonesia and find out by yourself?